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Boost Mobile adds $2/day unlimited plan

Boost Mobile announced a new version of its unlimited plan, a $2 per day option that allows users to truly pay as they go. At midnight each day the customer will have the $2 deducted from her account, after which she can take advantage of unlimited voice, messaging, and web for 24 hours. The cycle then repeats. Boost is billing this $2 charge as “regardless of usage,” so it will apply even if you don’t use the phone. So what might be the advantage to this type of plan, which will cost between $10 and $12 more than the $50 unlimited plan?

For some people, having money up front is an issue. I know a lot of people who choose prepaid because they can’t justify spending so much money on a postpaid account. Most of them, then, go for pay-as-you-go, since they can buy top-up cards at a frequency that fits their budget. Some of them would like Boost’s unlimited plan, but might have a tough time coming up with $50 at the beginning of every month. The $2 plan helps remedy that.

This is, in a way, a regressive tax. If someone can afford to pay the $50 up front he’d be wise to do that. But if he can’t he then has the option to pay $2 at a time. He’ll end up paying more overall for the service, which is surely a bummer, but he’ll also be able to get the service in the first place. That’s the point, I guess.

You can sign up for the $2 daily unlimited plan at Boost Mobile’s website.