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Sprint, AT&T involved in some shady dealings

Oh, AT&T, how we love bashing you. Thankfully, we’re not subscribers of theirs, or they might cut us off for it. Yes, AT&T announced a few days ago that it has the right to terminate customers that publicly criticize the company. This we kinda don’t understand from AT&T’s standpoint. If people complain about you, they’re probably thrilled to be out of that stifling contract. The news wasn’t taken that well by the public, though, which caused AT&T to recant. They say that they would only pursue those “promoting violence or peddling child porn.” Whatever, AT&T; we’re still sure that people wouldn’t mind if you allowed them to leave for a competitor.

What Sprint is doing is quite possibly worse. They’re being sued in Minnesota for extending service contracts without consent from the subscriber. Really now? Come on. That is just blatant consumer abuse. Most people have no idea when their contract is up, so by extending the contract without notification, Sprint is basically saying “take that, you ignoramus!”

What’s worse to you? The threat to terminate services for tarnishing a company’s reputation, or a company extending your contract without notice? We’ll pick the latter, just because two years is a damn long time.

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