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No more Pick Your Plan on AT&T prepaid

While other carriers are adding and modifying their prepaid offerings, AT&T GoPhone has discontinued its Pick Your Plan service (via They will continue focusing on their pay-as-you-go options, including the $60 unlimited talk and text plan. This has already gone into effect, so if you want to sign up for AT&T prepaid it will have to be with their 25 cents per minute rate, a dollar a day for 10 cents per minute, or the $60 monthly unlimited plan.

The Pick Your Plan side of AT&T prepaid was pretty much outdated anyway. It was basically a flat monthly payment for a mixture of talk and text. In other words, it wasn’t $40 per month for a particular number of minutes and messages. It was $40 per month, with messages costing X and minutes costing Y. AT&T accomplishes the same thing with pay-as-you-go, and that leaves consumers with a bit more flexibility.