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AT&T working to improve voice quality

AT&T, by most accounts, is not big on prepaid. They do recognize its prominence in the market, but as a market leader the company is more focused on postpaid data services. It’s tough, really, to think about AT&T without thinking iPhone at the same time. Problem is, the iPhone has caused massive traffic on AT&T networks, especially in urban areas, and apparently that has affected voice quality. (Though voice and data run on separate channels, the overall network can suffer when one part is overloaded.) Prepaid customers, however, care not for the iPhone users. They want voice services. So what is AT&T doing to remedy the issue?

According to CEO Randall Stephenson, AT&T is closing in on a fix for its voice network issues. “We’ve been going hard at the voice quality issues,” were his exact words. He then estimated that work would be complete by the end of the summer. So prepaid customers can rejoice, for now. If you have AT&T and are experiencing voice quality issues, you should be back to normal in a couple of months.

Then again, this highlights the advantage of prepaid. If you have been unsatisfied with the quality of voice service AT&T has provided, you can simply switch to another carrier. As long as you didn’t invest heavily in your handset, there is little to no risk in doing so. If you don’t like that new network, you can continue to switch. If you’re going to eschew the normal cell phone contract you might as well take advantage when you’re unsatisfied with your service, right?