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AT&T will unlock your off-contract iPhone

When Straight Talk and Net10 announced their SIM-only BOYD plans, our thoughts immediately turned to using the iPhone. It appears that now, a few months later, AT&T will make that a bit easier. They recently announced that they will unlock iPhone that are no longer associated with AT&T contracts. More details after the jump.

Clearly, AT&T isn’t going to unlock the iPhone 4S that you just purchased last October. They’re only unlocking iPhones that are no longer associated with AT&T contract accounts. That means one of two things. First, you paid your early termination fee and are free of your contract. Second, your contract term has expired, and you have already upgraded to a new handset through AT&T’s upgrade policy. Only if one of those two conditions is true will AT&T unlock your iPhone.

Via Phone Scoop.