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Alltel, Sprint fined for 911 rule

From the “we didn’t know this” file: wireless carriers had to ensure that 95 percent of their subscribers were using “location-capable” handsets by December of 2005. Yeah, that’s a long time ago. To us, it makes total sense. People with cell phones routinely travel outside of their home calling area, so it can be tough for emergency services to locate them sometimes. We have this technology, so we might as well implement it, right?

The FCC isn’t being too friendly with this: they’ve fined Alltel $1 million, Sprint $1.3 million, and US Cellular $500,000. The companies have 30 days to present their counter-argument, which they certainly will, since they are all at or close to compliance levels.

We’re glad to see the FCC take a harsh stance on this. If a cell phone is inefficient in an emergency, then what’s the use?

[Today's THV]

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