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Airvoice Wireless Review

With more people now owning smart phones and other mobile devices, the ability to pick and choose your carrier has completely changed in recent years. The big companies are still holding their users hostage with two year mandatory contract plans, but when that time expires many people are shopping around looking at some of these new carriers and their attractive offers. One of the more attractive alternatives to those lengthy phone contracts is opening an account with Airvoice Wireless. Now you have the ability to not only choose the service plan that best fits your needs, but you get to save a significant amount of money too.

The first thing that you will notice about Airvoice Wireless is that there are no service contracts. That means you and your family are not locked into a service plan for years. In the event that you find the service unacceptable, you can simply not renew next month. This puts all the power back into your hands. The other benefit to the no contract plans are you do not have to go through a credit check either. Many of the big carriers run a credit check on you and then charge a hefty upfront fee before they will allow you to access their service. Airvoice Wireless does not deal with any of that nonsense.
The next thing you will notice when it comes to Airvoice Wireless is that you can choose you service monthly plan. There are several inexpensive monthly plans that you can choose from dependent on how much you use your phone. Most plans have unlimited minutes and text messages, and allow you to choose how much data you will be needing each month. If you only need a small amount of data in your plan, you could be spending a fraction of what the same service would cost you at the big phone companies.
The other benefit to working with Airvoice Wireless is that you are getting the exact same service you would had you spent triple or more for the plans. If you have children or an elderly parent who you would like to purchase a phone contract for, this is the ideal company to work with. Airvoice Wireless will give your family members top quality service and save you a fortune in fees each month. You can keep the contracts going for as long or as little as you like. This is a huge benefit when you have children.