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BYO Shutting Down Tomorrow

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Prepaid MVNOs come and go almost as often as the seasons. Some companies handle the switch really well and give customers notice, refunds and plenty of time to jump ship. Others simply fold in on themselves, close lines of communication and leave their formerly loyal customers wondering what on earth is going on. And, unfortunately, BYO seems to be falling in the latter category. As the deadline for moving all customers over is tomorrow, the information trickling out of BYO is more confusing than helpful.

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Rogers Shutters First Rewards Loyalty Program

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Loyalty programs are awesome. Except when they are not, and Rogers First Rewards program definitely falls in that second category. Launched a couple of years ago, Mobile Syrup reported that the loyalty program is going to be shut down by June 2016 due to poor reception.

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2015 Moto G Comes to US Celluar


Motorola has really stepped up its game here recently first with the line of excellent Moto devices from last year and now with the 2015 versions of its devices, most of which are being sold unlocked directly through Motorola. However, if you’re not comfortable messing with an unlocked device, then US Cellular is one of the few carriers to actually carry the 2015 Moto G and it’s been discounted a bit as well.

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Opinion: Truly Free is Truly No Fun

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Everyone knows that free doesn’t actually mean free. When an app is free, it generally means one of three things: The app is collecting information, the app includes in-app purchases, or the app is a preview with either a premium version or severely restricted options and gameplay. That’s just sort of how it goes. Unless you sign up for the new Amazon Underground.

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Microsoft Patents Electric Shocks As Notification Option

A lot of the big technology corporations like Apple, Google or Microsoft have literally thousands of patents that will never see the light of day. Any great idea that they have gets a patent just in case they ever want to use it. So, in the category of weird patents that hopefully won’t become a thing, Microsoft recently submitted a patent that will allow your phone to send a small electric signal to you instead of a ringtone or vibration.

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When is it Okay to Use Your Phone?


I think that nearly everyone is guilty of using their phone in a social situation. Maybe it was a genuine emergency or something that really required you to pull that device out of your pocket. Or maybe you were just bored and needed a distraction. A new Pew Research study shows that public opinion is starting to change on when it’s acceptable to pull out a phone, and that age is a huge factor.

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Prepaid Faceoff: Boost Mobile vs. Chit Chat Mobile




With the massive number of prepaid MVNOs and carrier options, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of it all and even harder to compare and decide which company is the right one for you. So, every once in a while we’re going to go through and do a Face-off of two popular companies, comparing plans and services to help you better decide.

Today, we’ll look at Sprint-owned Boost Mobile, and MVNO Chit Chat Mobile. Both companies, obviously, use Sprint’s network and both have been around for a while.

Here’s how they compare:

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Wind Mobile Adds Data Share Option


Canadian wireless carrier Wind Mobile recently expanded its add-ons to include a new data-share option. With this new add-on, customers can share the data from one plan with multiple devices including tablets, laptops and phones. Not to be confused with tethering, this feature allows actual sharing of the plan itself rather than simply using a hotspot.

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Amazon Offers Truly Free Apps


When most people think about app stores, Amazon is the last on the list. Not only is it only available for Amazon and Android devices, but really the app store doesn’t have anything that Google Play doesn’t. And while the Amazon App Store requires all kinds of hoops in order to download, Google Play is automatically included on pretty much every Android device.

The only thing that really set the Amazon App Store apart was its Free App of the Day, which would offer users a paid app for free every day of the year. Sometimes they were awesome apps and sometimes they weren’t, but it was something no one else had. Well, it looks like Amazon has finally put and end to the Free App of the Day promotion and unleashed a new way for consumers to get free apps–Amazon Underground.

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Why You Shouldn’t Care About Camera Megapixels


Whenever you see smartphone specs–even here on Prepaid Reviews–one of the things that the manufacturers always advertise is the numbers of megapixels. This phone has 5 MP but that one has 8, so clearly it’s better, right? That seems to follow basic logic, as more in the tech world is usually a better thing.

But there’s a lot more to a good camera than how many megapixels the camera has, so if you’ve been comparing those numbers stop it. Stop it right now.

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