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Verizon Gains Millenicom Customers


Mobile internet customers using the popular Millenicom service got a nasty shock late last week, as the company announced suddenly that Verizon was taking control of their entire customer base and they would take no further part in customer accounts or internet service. A couple days later, most of Millenicom’s employees were laid off and the company is no longer responding to chat, email or phone calls.

To add to the confusion about the sudden announcement, Verizon is also staying mum about exactly what sorts of offers they will have for former Millenicom customers or exactly what happened. Consumers report that Verizon customer service reps don’t have any information yet and were unable to help alleviate the confusion.

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Pure TalkUSA Adds Data, Keeps Price


Pure TalkUSA is yet another one of those MVNOs that we don’t talk about much. Operating on AT&T’s GSM network, they have a variety of cheap plan options ranging from $5 to $40 with flexibile plans, by-the-minute plans and unlimited offerings suited for just about any lifestyle.

And to make the unlimited option even sweeter, this week Pure TalkUSA has more than doubled the data for the same price. Instead of 300 MB, the data has been increased to 500 MB with an additional option to top up to 1 GB for an additional $6.

For those unfamiliar with Pure TalkUSA, here is a breakdown of their plans:

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GreatCall Now Available at Rite Aid


GreatCall Mobile has announced that in the next couple of weeks they will complete their roll out of various phones and services at more than 4,000 Rite Aid pharmacies across the country. The phones are aimed at senior citizens 65 years of age and older and feature active aging services through apps and an award-winning personalized approach to help aging consumers live independent lives.

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US Mobile Lowers Tiered Data Prices

US-Mobile Logo

One of the newest MVNOs to the U.S. Market, US Mobile recently changed the pricing on their data options. All five tiers have been lowered by a few dollars, no doubt to help compete with the already established competitors. Here’s what the new data prices look like:

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Help Battle Breast Cancer with Pink TracFone


 October is breast cancer awareness month and in honor of the Susan G. Komen Foundation‘s search for a cure, TracFone has released a limited edition pink TracFone. The pink LG 306G will be available at select Dollar General stores across the country for around $50, and TracFone has promised to donate 10% of all October sales to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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Ting to Support Nexus 6 in November


Ting hinted in a blog post last Friday that they expect to support the new Nexus 6 when it comes out next month. Full details about when exactly they will be able to activate the phone or whether they will actually carry the Nexus 6 (or just the SIM) have not been released. They did state that they expect to be able to activate the first Nexus 6 devices before the end of November.

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Cricket Promotion Extended to Nov. 2


AT&T MVNO Cricket Wireless has announced an extension on their promotional offer to grant $100 to new customers porting numbers from MetroPCS or T-Mobile. Originally announced in August and set to expire Oct. 19, this promotion has now been extended to Nov. 2. The promotion will also now be available to Cincinnati Bell consumers as well.

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T-Mobile SIMS On Sale for 99¢ Today Only


T-Mobile has changed up their SIM deal for October. Today only, you can get a T-Mobile micro or standard SIM for $0.99. SIMS are regularly priced at $10, so it’s quite a savings. As usual, T-Mobile is enforcing a limit of 3 SIMS per order and no more than 5 SIMs in 30 days per customer.

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Amazon Fire Phone Getting Cold Reception


Do you know anyone who owns an Amazon Fire Phone? Yeah, me neither. If I was talking about an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy product, then such a statement would probably be strange, but according to a study released by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), hardly anyone actually owns a Fire Phone. 

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Jolt Mobile Plan Overview

jolt logo

When you’re looking at MVNOs, one of the main things to consider is the stability of the company. It seems like every year new MVNOs are starting and others are folding, so it can sometime be a bit of a gamble when you port a beloved number and purchase minutes. But with Jolt Mobile, that’s not something you’re likely to have to worry about.

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Amazon’s Top 5 Bestselling Prepaid Phones




One of the easiest ways to take a look and see what prepaid consumers like is to look through Amazon’s top phones. So, out of curiosity, I decided to take a peek and see what was the most popular phone. And I must say I was rather surprised to find that there are not one but two Windows phones listed. I guess the curiosity is growing around the smallest of the three main phone operating systems.

So, without any further ado, here are the Top five picks from as of today:

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