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Virgin Mobile and Boost Black Friday Deals

black friday

Sprint’s MVNOs Boost and Virgin Mobile have released some of their prepaid phone deals for Black Friday and, while they aren’t quite as spectacular as the deals we found last year, you can still get some pretty nice phones for far cheaper than normal. Here’s what you can expect to find:

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Prepaid MVNOs Outrank Carriers in Consumer Reports


Image by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has published their annual review of cell phone service and, surprisingly, three MVNOs ranked at the top of the charts. Ting, Consumer Cellular and Republic Wireless all received top marks while the more traditional postpaid carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon were rated a little worse. Here are some highlights from the report:

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Virgin Mobile Hotspot Reduced by 20%


Virgin Mobile has reduced the price on their Netgear Mingle Mobile Hotspot device by 20% for a limited time. Normally priced for $99.99, right now it is on sale for $79.99 with free shipping. The device offers internet hotspots at up to 4G speeds and is able to password protect your signal so you can only share it with who you want, and protect your privacy.

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Best Buy Prepaid Phone Deals for Black Friday


bestbuy black friday


Best Buy is one of my go-to stores for most electronics. And, while they aren’t usually the first place you might think of to check out some prepaid phones, they actually have some excellent deals going on this year for several different carriers. Here are the deals they’ve announced:

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Ting Can Activate Nexus 6 Starting Today


Ting announced earlier this week that they would be able to activate the Nexus 6 on their Sprint-powered network starting this week. Customers interested in the Nexus 6 will not be able to purchase it directly from Ting, but phones purchased through Google Play or Motorola’s website should be compatible. Also as a bonus, you can probably get them unlocked.

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UPDATED: Republic Wireless Updating Servers


Update: The website is back up, and all issues should be resolved!


Early this morning, Republic Wireless took down their site for maintenance, and put up the above humorous placeholder denying access and rerouting consumers to their community help forums. Turns out the Wonderful Wizard of Republic Wireless is actually doing some maintenance on their site and portal and, as of this writing, an ETA for the fix has not been announced.

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Reasons Not to Rent a Cell Phone


One of the downsides to prepaid phone plans is the lack of phone subsidies. While there are plenty of good sub $100 phones and even several phones in the $150- $200 range that have some cool features, if you really want all the bells and whistles then you should expect to pay upwards of $600 for a phone which is not only very breakable but likely to be outdated in a year or two.

Let’s be honest, how many people have that much money just sitting around?

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MetroPCS Black Friday BOGO Deal

metropcs black friday

While Thanksgiving is still a week away, MetroPCS and T-Mobile are getting the jump on sales and launching their Black Friday deals a little early. Starting today, MetroPCS customers can take advantage of their new “Buy One, Get One” deal for smartphones. The deal will run through December 1, and is only available in select MetroPCS stores–not online.

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PTel Offers 1 Month Free When You Port

ptel logo

While this deal isn’t exactly new, I realized that I hadn’t covered it yet. PTel Mobile, formerly known as PlatinumTel, has been running a porting promotion where new users can get one month of free service when they port a number over. This deal is listed as ‘limited time’ but, of course, no end date is listed. It looks like it’s been running for a while, however, as it lists Zact as a carrier that you can port from, and Zact went out of business this summer.

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MetroPCS Brings Back 4 for $100 Deal


T-Mobile owned MVNO MetroPCS has brought back their popular 4 lines for $100 promotion, with a slight improvement in the data offering for bundled lines. This promotion is only available at MetroPCS stores–not online–and is only for a ‘limited time.’ The promotional material, unfortunately, doesn’t list an end date.

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Warranty Service Fee for Virgin, Sprint Prepaid


Sprint has made some changes to the way the warranty program works for Sprint Prepaid and Virgin Mobile customers. Effective as of Nov. 9, consumers will be charged at $25 warranty service fee to replace phones, which Sprint claims is to “off-set the increasing costs of the warranty replacements.” The fee will be charged when the warranty claim is filed/processed and can be paid via account balance, debit/credit card or via PayPal.

There are two ways that consumers can avoid paying this fee:

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