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FAQ: What Does Airplane Mode Do?


Unless you’re a frequent flyer, airplane mode is probably one of those things that you never really think about. It was introduced when smartphones began to become more prolific, as a way of ensuring that cellular equipment didn’t interfere with the flight apparatuses. But, what most people don’t realize is that airplane mode can be useful for more than just flying.

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Apple’s First Android App Wants Users to Switch

Apple debuted its first Android app a couple of weeks ago (provided you don’t count Beats, which was already established when Apple bought it) and, unsurprisingly, it’s an app designed for users looking to make the switch from Android to Apple. Shockingly, Android users were not pleased.

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Ring Plus Overview


In the last few months, little Sprint MVNO Ring Plus has been getting a lot of media attention for its recent plan overhaul and the almost weekly promotions. I’ve had a lot of questions about Ring Plus in the last few months. So, due to popular demand, today I we’ll do a brief overview of the company and what it currently offers.

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FAQ: Can I Use Any Phone on a Prepaid Plan?


Prepaid plans are extremely cheap and a great way to get good service without having to pay a ton of money every single month. But, when most people think about prepaid plans, they think about all of the entry-level and inexpensive (and also very underpowered) phones that tend to go along with it. One question I get asked a lot when trying to convince people to switch is: can I use a nice phone?

The short answer? Yes. But, as with everything, there are some catches.

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Wednesday App Review: Star Tracker

star tracker logo

I grew up in the country and when you live five or six miles away from the nearest city, the amount of stars that you can see with the naked eye on a clear night is absolutely stunning. I mean, there are more stars than you could possibly count. Because of this I have always been a huge fan of star gazing, although I never really learned to identify all that many constellations. So, needless to say, when I discovered the Star Tracker app, I was absolutely enthralled.

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Smartel T-Mobile Plans Now Businesses Only

You might remember last week we wrote about a new company called Smartel which sold service on both Verizon and T-Mobile. What caught my attention was the insanely cheap T-Mobile plans–$35 for 10 GB. While originally open to all, these plans are now only available for businesses.

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Comcast Still on the Fence With Becoming MVNO


Internet and cable company Comcast has been on the verge of launching its own wireless MVNO service for a long time. Earlier this month, FierceWireless reported that Comcast, despite its many moves and strategic deals, has “no current plans to enter the wireless market with its own offering.” It looks like the days of Comcast being on the brink of launching a mobile service are coming to a middle.

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Microsoft Promises Flagship Phone in October

windows phone microsoft

You might remember in July when the company did some major refocusing and we all wondered if it signaled the end of Lumia devices? Well, according to an article by FierceWireless, it looks like Windows isn’t quite ready to completely bow out of the smartphone market. In fact, Lumia fans might soon be getting the flagship that everyone has been asking for.

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PayPal Allows Canadians to Top Up Foreign Phones


Last month, PayPal announced that it will now be allowing Canadian customers to top up the prepaid mobile phones of relatives and friends in more than 100 countries through a partnership with TransferTo. This service comes without any transfer fees and is available to everyone with a PayPal account.

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Get 15% off Lycamobile Plans


T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile is one of the many companies that doesn’t get a whole of press here on Prepaid Reviews, simply because it is actually a bit more stable than some of the other companies. While there has been some upheaval over the old SIMs versus the new SIMs, for the most part Lycamobile has some pretty interesting plan options for customers interested in international calling. And, for a limited time, you can get 15% off of a new plan and SIM purchase.

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Which Carrier Has the Best Coverage?


Marketing is a pretty powerful thing and for your average customer, trying to decide which company and which network is best can be complicated. After all, they all boast that they have the “fastest” or “largest” or “most dependable” or even use “nationwide” in their advertisements. Easily the question I am asked the most–by people on both prepaid and postpaid plans–is, “Which network is the best?” And my answer is always the same: It’s complicated.

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