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Republic Wireless Gets Moto E

Moto E_Black

Republic Wireless, a Sprint MVNO that is known for cheap WiFi calling plans, has announced that it will offer the Motorola Moto E starting next month for $99. Generally priced at $130, this entry-level smartphone is a steal, and is Republic Wireless’ first $99 smartphone offering.

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ZTE Unveils Affordable Smartphone

ZTE unveiled a new ginormous smartphone yesterday that is aimed at budget-conscious consumers. Sold exclusively through T-Mobile (with MetroPCS slated to get the phone later this year), the new ZMax is set to be released on Sept. 24 and features a whopping 5.7 inch screen and pretty good specs and a huge battery that is said to last a couple of days on a charge. The ZTE ZMax is expected to retail for $250 without a contract.

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Ting Gets iPhone 5c, 5s Sept. 29

iphone 5s

On the heels of the hype over the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Ting users can finally join in on the Apple craze. Sort of.

Ting has announced that they will support the iPhone 5s and 5c starting Sept. 29 and users can activate iPhone models after that date. There is even a countdown on their blog post to the exact time you can activate your iPhone 5s/5c.

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Verizon VoLTE Available on 2 Phones

Verizon logo

VoLTE or Voice Over LTE service has been all the rage, and T-Mobile and AT&T already have their networks up and running. You might remember we heard rumors that Verizon was going to launch VoLTE.  Well, it’s finally here. Verizon announced the rollout of their VoLTE service today, but it will only be available for customers on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G2 phones. The carrier has promised to add more phones soon, but didn’t give any other specifics. 

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AT&T MVNO Coverage Maps Compared

phone bars

Last week, I posted an article comparing all of the Verizon MVNO coverage maps. Several of them were a little surprising, so I thought that I would go through all of the other Tier 1 carriers and compare maps of their MVNOs to see how they stacked up. While most MVNOs share the prepaid network of their primary carrier, some of them skimp on coverage to cut costs, and very few of them offer roaming in areas with no Tier 1 carrier network coverage.

Today, we have a compilation of the AT&T MVNO maps. Most of them shared coverage with GoPhone, but did not offer roaming (represented by the lighter yellow areas). However, the maps were far more similar than the Verizon MVNO maps we saw last week.

So, without any more ado, here are the AT&T MVNO maps:

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Apple Restricting NFC use in iPhone 6, 6 Plus

iPhone 6

It’s official: Apple will be restricting the use of NFC chips in the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch to the Apple Pay service. Among dashed dreams of finally getting NFC technology to unlock phones, change settings and share information, Apple fans can take solace in the fact that Apple once also limited the use of Touch ID when it was first launched. Now, with iOS 8, that capability has been opened to developers. It’s therefore safe to assume that the NFC chips will also be released for use eventually.

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Moto X Pre-Ordering Starts Today

Moto X

Motorola’s new flagship phone, the second generation Moto X goes on pre-order today, Sept. 16. The phone is available on-contract through AT&T or unlocked (called the Pure Edition) which is meant for any carrier and comes with no contract. The Pure Edition version will cost $499 and on contract, it will be around $100.

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Global MVNO to Carry iPhone 6, 6 Plus


The MVNO Truphone has announced that it will offer the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on Sept. 26. While I am certain that all of the major MVNOs will carry the iPhone 6 eventually, Truphone’s announcement today is the first MVNO to confirm that they willl carry the new Apple product.

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4M iPhones Ordered in First 24 Hours

apple logo

Apple has reported record sales of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with sales reaching four million within the first 24 hours of availability last Friday. Numbers for the weekend haven’t been released. In fact, so many people wanted the phone, some preorders aren’t expected until October as the number exceeded the pre-order supply. Apple’s site says that iPhone 6 preorders should ship in seven to ten business days while shipments of the iPhone 6 Plus won’t go out for three to four weeks.

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Sprint Changes Prepaid Plan Prices


Amid steady changes to their postpaid prices and offerings, Sprint has made a few tweaks to their Sprint Prepaid plans this week. With very little fanfare, they have dropped prices for all three plans. These changes will take place immediately.

The new rates are:

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Solavei Gearing Up For Phase 2


Solavei, the T-Mobile MVNO that declared chapter 11 bankruptcy this summer, has been undergoing changes behind the curtain and announced yesterday that they plan to launch their ‘phase 2′ services for growth and restructuring on Oct. 1.

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