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Virgin Mobile Coverage & Coverage Map

Virgin Mobile coverage largely depends on where you live or plan to use your phone most often. It is probably that you may lose service completely, if you travel to certain areas of the country. Some areas are definitely better than others. Also, you may want to consider how much you plan to travel when thinking about the coverage offered with Virgin Mobile.

The great lakes area around Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio has great coverage. Coverage is also great on the Northern East coast in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC. However, there is virtually no coverage in Maine. All of Delaware has great coverage. In the Southern United States, coverage is excellent in Florida, Southeastern Texas, and Southwestern Louisiana.

There is very little coverage in Alabama and Mississippi, but with decent coverage in Atlanta, Georgia. The Eastern United States in general has some coverage throughout, but does not seem to be very strong in parts other than those listed above. In the Western United States, coverage is especially sparse, with the best coverage being in Southern and central California. Most major cities like Seattle, Portland, and Phoenix all have some degree of coverage. There is no coverage at all in Montana and virtually none in Wyoming and South Dakota. The only coverage in Nevada is in the Southern tip of the state.

The Midwestern states have the least amount of coverage overall. Virgin Mobile seems to be the best option if you reside near the great lakes, the Northern East coast (with the exception of Maine),Florida, Southeastern Texas, Southwestern Louisiana, or the Los Angeles area. Coverage for Virgin Mobile seems best is more densely populated areas. If you reside in more rural communities, coverage is far less likely. Here is a link to the Virgin Mobil coverage map: