Net10 Data Plans & Rates

There's no sense in having a snazzy smartphone if you don't have enough data to utilize it. So, Net10 has several unlimited data options for heavy users as well as choices for low-end data users. No matter how much data you need, Net10 can definitely help you stay connected.

Unlimited Monthly Plans

The most popular Net10 plans are probably their unlimited monthly plans. These plans are good for 30 days and include unlimited talk, text and low speed data nationwide, along with a limited amount of high speed data.

  • $40 - unlimited low speed data, 500 MB high speed data
  • $50 - unlimited low speed data, 3 GB high speed data
  • $60 - unlimited low speed data, 3.5 GB high speed data
  • $75 - unlimited low speed data, 5 GB high speed data

30-Day Plans

If you are an extremely light data user, then you can also access the web with their 30-day plans. These plans include a flat number of minutes which can be spent on voice, text or data as you see fit. The 30 Day plans are designed for non-smartphone devices, and you use the same pool for minutes, text messages and web browsing.

Cheapest Price Per Minute: $0.066 to $0.10
Unlimited Data Available: Yes
Unlimited Texting Available: Yes
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